June 20, 2021

What color of women's underwear selection of good underwear

Underwear is good or bad depends on the fit, say underwear is worn to men to see, but in fact, wear to wear to see their own, clothing is a woman's face, then the underwear is the woman's deepest face , Need careful care, to see the beauty side, selected underwear, not only to choose a good color, but also to choose their own underwear, Chan cloud underwear to teach you how to choose the color and style of underwear.


Photo credit: Chan cloud underwear 2013 autumn and winter series

Some women choose to wear underwear do not like to see the color, as long as comfortable to wear just fine, which can actually, but too much emphasis on the beauty of the "face", underwear must first choose a comfortable, then choose its color, the most intimate clothing Good choice of light-colored system will also help the skin, this water pink underwear, Slim design, it shows the stature, the whole set is also very good.

女性适合什么颜色的内衣 怎么挑选好的内衣

Choose underwear must be tried in their own hands, I know not fit, many MM too troublesome, in the choice of underwear as long as their own pleasing to the eye, no matter how troublesome, underwear or to try their own right, not greedy So lazy for a little, this is the most important choice of underwear.

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