September 25, 2021

This year's clothing trends

Into August, the most important autumn and winter apparel industry is approaching, and in a dazzling array of colored clothing, we grasp the trend? Now to explain to you one by one.

Clothing, especially women's clothing, of course, is the four major fashion weeks for the vane. ECA brand since its inception, has been all kinds of popular trends into their own brand, original art, elegant brand temperament. In this season's clothing, there are also important manifestation.

The following is the Christian Dior purple umbrella skirt released by Milan Fashion this year. Simple color, simple cut, form a simple style of clothing.


The following figure is released by the ECA long dress, simple style, with pure color, constitute the popular style this fall.


Overall, the fall and winter of this year, the trend of big scratch simple style. Purple, light green, pink blue has become a popular color this year. This season's apparel also pay attention to take sexual intercourse to meet the green new wave of environmental protection.

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