December 05, 2020

The "unbreakable" myth of beautiful stockings

The "unbreakable" myth of beautiful stockings Women love stockings, men love to watch stockings; women wear stockings are sexy and show signs, and men see stockings are more excited and more embarrassing. But men often find this problem. Some of Ms. Amy's stockings break a hole or scratch a long one. This time, it seems particularly embarrassing.

It is very difficult to cover up under the crowd. Is it the quality of the stockings or what foreign objects are encountered? There is always such a sudden problem in life. Let us help, help you solve the problems in life, and let the beautiful stockings never "break."

We have chosen an ordinary stockings. The Internet says that the stockings to be worn should be frozen and then worn for a while to complete the “unbreakable” myth. Is this really the case? Below, perform the actual freezing test:

First, the stockings were placed in a freezer for 24 hours, and the temperature of the freezer compartment of the refrigerator was lowered to minus 15 degrees Celsius, and the fibrous structure of the stockings was firmed.

After the freezing test, the effect after freezing has indeed improved significantly. With the appropriate force on the stockings with scissors, the frozen stockings can be kept intact. Although this test effect is not universal, the selection of stockings depends on the material. Therefore, when women are choosing, they must choose good stockings.

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