July 26, 2021

Ten taboos of jewelry care

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1. Avoid putting together with cosmetics. If the ring is stained with cosmetics, the brilliance will be weakened; especially for diamonds, it is very easy to stick to the cosmetics of oils and fats, and it must be strictly separated.

2, avoid wearing laundry, bathing pearls afraid of acidic substances, can not touch detergent.

3, avoid chemical gases and polluted environment, for example: all jewelry are sulphur, emeralds avoid pesticides, other sprays.

4, avoid wearing sports, dry rough, for example: sweat containing fatty acids, urea and other pearls have an etch effect, so there is "Lingnan Zhuling North Dai" said. The north is cold, sweat is less, and it should be worn.

5, avoid multiple pieces of jewelry put together. For example: hard diamonds will easily scratch other gems; therefore, after use, they are sealed and stored in separate compartments.

6, gold avoid mercury gold can be mixed with mercury, the production of mercury vapor alloy - amalgam.

7, avoid drugs Some drugs can produce chemical reactions to jewelry, so that jewelry discoloration, deterioration.

8, bogey washed pearls, Turkish stone, opal, coral, amber, etc. have water absorption. If you use detergent or water, it may cause cracks.

9, avoid high temperature, some gems are not resistant to high temperatures, or dehydrated and cracked, or discolored. Such as cat's eye is afraid of high temperatures. Jade will dissolve the wax layer on the surface above 55° and lose the protective effect, reducing the gloss of the wax.

10, avoid severe vibrations, many inlaid jewelry, although the base is designed to be very solid, but the violent vibration is not appropriate. Some jobs are knocked and beaten, and they are taken off. Only when you cherish your jewelry, it will last forever.

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