December 05, 2020

T & W Women's Ningbo Tianyi Square flagship store grand opening

T&W Women's Tianyi Store opened its doors on Christmas Eve and was loved by customers. It optimized and promoted the overall image, and provided a one-stop service platform for shopping and experiencing.

Within one hour of opening, the shop's customers were very crowded. The staff serves every customer in an orderly manner.

In the afternoon, six girls dressed in angel costumes sent us a beautiful gift from Christmas Eve to fashionable girls and couples who loved the beauty.

The night scenery is particularly beautiful. Our facade image is a new highlight of Tianyi Square. This also means that T & W fashion women's advance never stopped.
Let us discover the true self with you!

All the staff of Tianyi Store look forward to experiencing the fun on site. We are ready. Are you ready?
Tianyi Flagship Store: Ningbo Tianyi Square Xinzha Street 133
Service Hotline T&W Women's Joining Agent: http://

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