April 12, 2021

South bird pants 2012 spring and summer new orders 400 new fans fell dealer

"Everybody is quite satisfied with the newly developed products of Southern Bird Fashion Company." On September 23, at a spring and summer new order fair for South Bird in 2012, an agent from Guangdong told reporters that the reputation of Southern Bird products is very high, See you today, really deserved reputation. At the ordering meeting, the 400 new models developed by the company lost their dealership. Shi Youqing, chairman of the board, told reporters that the rise of men's trousers in Shenyang, Xiliu, Shijiazhuang, Zhengzhou, Chengdu and Chongqing has formed its own advantages and has divided the market share of Shishi pants, forcing us to make changes without any way out. Can only become someone else's processing plant. "Although now reduced production, but the workmanship has increased several times, to do a lot of style, excellent quality, high cost, high added value." Shi Youqing said that in recent years, South bird pants adapt to the market environment, take the initiative to seek Change, and actively help agents set up marketing team, strive for more shop, open big shop; set up trousers in foreign R & D team, so that products and international products, improve product added value.

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