September 25, 2021

Secretary-General of Guangdong Underwear Association visited strategic alliance partners visited Adjustable underwear brand Qian Shi Er Enterprise

2012 April 17 morning, Guangdong Province underwear Liu Association Secretary-General and his staff accompanied by strategic alliance partner Shenzhen Garment Industry Association, Chen Yongfang president visits Shenzhen Xi Shier Garment Co., Ltd., and chairman Su Xi Shier sound Ladies and general manager Li Zhanglong friendly exchange. As one of the sponsors of the Guangdong Underwear Association, Chairman Liu Suyin was very concerned about the development of the association and asked General Secretary Liu Wen in detail about the status quo of the association. Secretary-General Liu Wen introduced the current status quo of the association, some ongoing service projects, etc., and gave a detailed explanation of the forthcoming president's enlargement meeting and press conference in May. The two sides communicated happily and smoothly. Secretary-General Liu Wen and President Shen Yongfang of Apparel Industry Association appreciated the business philosophy of Ms. Liu Suyin, the chairman of Qian Shi Er.


Figure: Chairman Liu Suyin (second from left), President Shen Yongfang (third from left), Liu Wen (middle), Li Zhanglong, general manager

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