December 05, 2020

QDA brand women's 2013 tide with random lazy street style

QDA brand women 's style of design combines the three major characteristics of fashion, avant-garde and simplicity, close to the international fashion trends, innovative design concept so that the rapid rise of the brand. Brand from the product design, material selection, development, production has a very strict set of standards, after numerous refinement and Zhen election, formed a distinctive style of the three distinctive lines.

2013 summer, QDA women will be the most simple sleeveless vest + shorts with interpretation of the extraordinary look, like free lazy shape of the MM who can learn the essence of the use of their own dressing in the heart Oh!


Bare pink sleeveless vest + watermelon red sports casual shorts

QDA品牌女装2013潮搭配 展现随意慵懒街头风

Trendy sleeveless vest + hidden blue shorts, mix and match plaid scarf

QDA品牌女装2013潮搭配 展现随意慵懒街头风

Tricolor different collision + casual style shoes, rock range children

QDA品牌女装2013潮搭配 展现随意慵懒街头风

Watermelon powder sleeveless vest + green shorts, to experience the beauty of hit color.

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