May 28, 2020

Open clothing store purchase skills

How to find clothing sources? The author believes that we must first do what we can do. That is to find the location of your shop. There are several types of clothing stores, but there are two main types:

1, clothing brand franchise.

This is relatively simple. You have selected a certain brand. You only need to purchase goods from a brand manufacturer or general agent.

2, multi-brand clothing business, or do no-name brands, this will need to worry about.

If you open a store in a major city above the provincial capital, the store is relatively large, and the decoration is enough for certain grades. It is usually purchased in the main garment production areas or major distribution centers in China. The common ones are Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Fujian, Wenzhou, etc. (Specifically do not write, there are many introductions in the community and the network, we can refer to). In these places, you can usually get the goods you opened in a clothing store, and you can also find out how to decorate your store, how to decorate it, how to set up a store, and what price to buy. In order to facilitate your shop for reference. If you open a shop in a medium-sized city or a small city (a town), you don't have to go to those places because you have a small amount of purchases and you go in more frequently. It's too expensive to go once. (Recommended to go at the beginning of each season, the main purpose is to understand the trend) can be purchased online wholesale website, the price is not much higher than you go to a far more cost-effective. For example, if you can transfer goods, exchange goods or even return goods, you will enjoy a lot of favorable conditions (remember: everyone who earns money is fundamental to doing business, and if others make money, you can't make money!) Others are wholesalers, and they are popular. To grasp, avoid risks, capital, and vision are better than you. It is also a good idea to borrow the wisdom of others.

3. How many garments are suitable?

In general, there must be second-hand funds, one is the purchase of funds, and the other is the replenishment of funds, but also to prepare a bit of balance, tens of thousands of goods suppressed how to do? Do not put eggs in a basket! For a small retail store, one color, one code into one or two pieces (sets) on it.

4, how to do multi-color multi-code?

Many clothes have a lot of color, and don't buy them all! Generally, there are two kinds of colors (according to the trend of the year and the level of local appreciation). We must also be sure about the size. For trousers and other products, some wholesalers require a minimum box size. It is especially important to grasp the size. You can discuss it with the business and the quantity will not change, but you must choose your own size.

5, one industry-based, taking into account the other.

This is a lot of ways to do a no-name shop. Co-products should not be ignored, and unexpectedly good results can sometimes be received. I once did casual wear wholesale, but for some time I didn't find the feeling. In desperation, I entered a batch of casual bags (want to dress with clothes) but unexpectedly wanted to take the leisure bag out of stock and was robbed, and the associated clothing was also sold. Added N cargoes. Really unintentional!

6, purchases should pay attention to matters.

The best size to try. When packaging, please pay attention to see if you have the wrong goods. Try to fight for good exchange terms.

7. How to open an online store?

It is best to go to the wholesale point of purchase, you can also find clothing studio purchase. Online purchase should pay attention to safety, unfamiliar shops can learn more about it. Especially some photo albums and free photo stations, the general scammers come from there. General large-scale websites have historical transaction records, pay attention to understand from the side. Clothing not only depends on color and style, fabric is very important, photo album can only look, can not touch, you can try to get a few less at first, weigh it.

8, can you handle the goods?

It depends on the situation. If you are specializing in handling goods, you may consider not to be greedy and cheap. Since it is handled, there are always a variety of problems.

9. Avoid competition with neighboring similar stores and implement misplaced operations

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