July 26, 2021

Neo-gen with 丨 wild casual West single

Winter clothing often gives a monotonous stereotype, can not help but make people feel boring. When the footsteps of the Spring Festival approached gradually, did you bring some wardrobe to your spring flavor? Faded heavy coat, and gradually put on thin clothing to meet the warmth of early spring it. Leisure and yet rigorous West will be your good choice. Recommended one: suit does not necessarily show the image of formal dress. Leaving the traditional, in fact, as long as the mix properly, so simple it can be stylish West. The contrast between the orange and blue color contrast shirts, originality is not an exaggeration, low-key check with the coat dark lines echoes. With light-colored casual pants highlight the young vitality. Dress with the same color collocation is one of the most secure and conservative choice, light blue shirt low profile simple, neckline and cuffs at the white pressure treatment delicate fashion. Lower body simple with a dark slacks, gentleman image immediately show. Recommendation 2: Modern gentleman dress is no longer as traditional as the dark suit with a white shirt, to wear a decent solemn, as in the above figure can be in the fashion with a fresh blue peacock blue shirt, so Not only do not feel free, but more to enhance the fashion. Multi-level wear gradually be labeled as a fashion label, but with a decent need some tips. If you are still a fashion novice like this choice with the color of the clothing mix, stacked out of personality will not look awkward. Trousers and take the sweater within the simple echo, suitable for attending to wear on all occasions. Picture Source: Satchi brand men's clothing

Cotton Dyed With Embroidery

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