December 05, 2020

Ms Sia Ladies signed a successful contract usher in the glorious summer of July

The gratifying July has come and the summer is officially on the right track. Even the hot days of the past few days have allowed people to feel their enthusiasm. Yesterday, Msia Women in the hot weather, also ushered in its very brilliant and exciting moment. July 8, Ms Sia Ladies once again successfully signed four franchisees, the new store is about to open, Assia's team has grown a lot, the four new stores were Shenzhen Komeito, Dongguan Fenggang shop, Foshan Ronggui Shop, Guilin, Guangxi shop, so grand moment, let us congratulate Ms Sonia women more and more brilliant.


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Since its establishment, Brandy Missthea has adopted a franchise model as the main channel of its breakthrough in the field of key national and provincial key cities under the cooperation of outstanding domestic and foreign designers and advanced production equipment as well as professional marketing teams. Business Diversified product categories, a single species of refined clothing style won the majority of consumers and dealers love the products are exported to Europe and the United States, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other countries and regions. After disdainful efforts and innovation, Ms Misisheva Missthea also has a stable and vast market in the country. The continuous signing of four new franchisees, indicates that Miscia Miya Hasia has a solid strength and broad prospects.

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