July 17, 2019

"Mini lattice" brand so that children feel rich, unique cultural charm

Shali Town, Zhongshan City Shengli garment printing plant was established in 2004, 2010 began the formal creation of mini-lattice (Minigaga) children's wear brand. In the process of the development of China's children's wear brand, the mini-lattice introduces the international advanced management concepts and design concepts. In Zhongshan Children's Wear Industry Group in Guangdong, a product research and development center, a product planning center, a production center and a logistics distribution base are established. By virtue of the Advantageous resources rapidly develop the domestic market. Minigaga adopts the combination of provincial agency, city agency and single-store franchise to develop the domestic market. It implements the strategy of "cultural stores" and "green stores" in the terminals and actively advocates creating bright and comfortable consumer products , A unique one-stop shopping platform, through unique store design and superhuman humanistic concept, rich brand connotation, with cultural force to drive the marketing force, through a unique image, unique products, unique services and unique concept of interpretation , So that children feel the "mini lattice" brand rich, unique cultural charm. As a new children's wear brand, Minigaga staff will spare no efforts to create well-known brands and create "win-win" mode (customers, employees, the company win-win three parties) in two aspects. The company also sincerely and eagerly hope that friends from various circles can give us valuable suggestions or opinions, we all develop together and make progress together. Be tolerant to diversity, tolerance is a virtue. We have every reason to believe that a rising star in the children's clothing industry is rising!

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