December 05, 2020

Let the appropriate meeting gifts light up your venue

[China Gift Network News] "The last meeting gift selection is a digital camera. I listened to everyone's suggestions this year and decided to choose a digital photo frame!" A person in charge of the meeting said that the experienced person at the venue gave the scene The three reasons for "meeting, sending a camera, and sending a photo frame" are:
1. Keep up with the times! If it was two or three years ago, the digital camera was indeed a fresh gift. It was used in the conference, which not only improved the level of the whole meeting, but also the participants would feel good. But nowadays, digital cameras are in the era of flooding, almost one person, and many participants are carrying cameras. The digital photo frame that was elected as the "National Gift" in 2010 is a proper complement to this gap. It has become popular in recent years, which is very consistent with the characteristics of "fresh and strange" conference gifts.

2, innovative and practical! Being able to become a "national gift", the digital photo frame is worthy of the name. First of all, it has solved the problem of people's digital photos accumulated in computers or cameras. Secondly, the innovative functions of the digital photo frame itself can display the image of organizers and participants in special occasions such as conferences, such as digital. Photo frame leader - Patriot, its digital photo frame products have a unique post-customization function, specially set a non-deletable encryption area, built-in video image, text introduction, etc., become a unique landscape to light up the venue.

3, human care! The success of a conference, in addition to the depth of the conference theme, is equally important for each participant to fully feel the warmth, care and care. This can also reflect the degree of care of the organizer from another angle and reflect the highlights of the meeting. Just as a participant who got the digital photo frame said: "The choice of meeting gifts looks very simple, but in fact it is very meaningful. This digital photo frame is just what everyone thinks, just show the photos and share them with colleagues and friends. very good."

According to incomplete statistics, many business units have increased their attention to digital photo frames in the selection of conference gifts. Many digital photo frames have been used frequently in various conference venues, such as VIP guest digital table signing. As an organizational unit image display product. "Meeting, sending a camera, and sending a photo frame" is also spreading in the conference market.

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