September 25, 2021

How to clean the linen sofa cushion?

How to clean the linen sofa cushion?

The linen sofa cover has a relatively rough style, and the moisture absorption and breathability are very good, giving a comfortable and pleasant feeling. However, the linen sofa cover is prone to problems when it is washed: it is a medium-to-high-end product among various sofa covers, and most manufacturers often require dry cleaning. However, the sofa cover is a home textile, which should be washed according to actual needs. Then it is possible to have problems when washing.

Flax textiles produce a large shrinkage rate when washed in the first time, especially for textiles with loose fabrics, which will cause significant shrinkage. The first shrinkage of linen textiles is often unrecoverable. Regular manufacturers will pre-shrink before sewing, and will not shrink when they are finished again after being finished.

Before washing the linen sofa cover, you should confirm whether it has been pre-shrinked. If it is not pre-shrinked, it can only be dry-cleaned.

Since the effect of the sofa cover dry cleaning is far less clean and translucent than the washing, it needs to be explained to the customer in advance. If you can confirm that the sofa cover has been drained, you can safely wash it.

Washed linen sofa cover can refer to the method of washing cotton cloth cover and sofa cover. It can be machine washed and used with general washing powder, and can also be dehydrated. Under normal circumstances, it should not be dried.

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