October 18, 2019

Emerging local men Fenglay brand image design and then upgrade

Zegna's name is favored by the Chinese men, restrained brand temperament, superb clothing quality is the plea of ​​every mature person. With the rapid development of the domestic economy, domestic brands are gradually shortening the gap with international brands. Fenglay is China's emerging local brand, and now it has become the largest tailor-made high-end foreign service custom company in Northeast China. In the industry a high degree of professionalism, the single cut is its operating characteristics of a single cut, many industry brands do this promotion, but few companies across the country can really meet the standards of single. In 2010 the company decided to brand positioning and image design to conduct a comprehensive upgrade, fenglay brand entrusted far in Shenzhen, a waterfront brand image design company to conduct a comprehensive upgrade of its image. The design requirements of its terminal image reflect the characteristics of customized culture, high-end grade positioning, modern and simple design style and so on. After a large amount of data collection and collation, scrutiny, and coordination in many aspects. Finally in April 2011 fenglay brand in Shenyang City, Vientiane City for the first time to demonstrate the image of the design and upgrade results, showing the brand in the past not the same positioning and style, climbing the brand yet another new peak. DisplayAd ();

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