October 22, 2020

ELLASSAY (song force think) hand in hand with the most beautiful airport interpretation of T3 visual blockbusters

ELLASSAY ( ELLASSAY ) airport boutiques, following strong settled in Shenzhen T3, again much attention - to join the most beautiful airport T3 large visual interpretation, became the first to enter the T3 captured large tracts of high fashion brand, elegant interpretation of this beautiful building temperament.

Song Lixi black and white series of high fashion, sensory visual fragmentation in the modern industrial background is more modern gorgeous, classic yet elegant.

Designed by Italy's renowned architectural firm Fuksas, the T3 terminal in Shenzhen is designed with a double façade, with simple and fluid lines and a series of new technologies and processes, such as natural daylighting, to create an elegant space atmosphere, Always pursue the elegant style of tacit understanding.

歌力思 - Ellassay


ELLASSAY(歌力思)携手最美机场演绎T3视觉大片 ELLASSAY(歌力思)携手最美机场演绎T3视觉大片

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