July 26, 2021

DILI Di Li Spring 2015 [mysterious garden] large appreciation

Cold fade due to warm sun, morning sun shimmering with pure window bar with years, all eyes are green and ready to blooming fragrant flowers, the morning world seems to be still half awake, misty pale, will be All faintly just, poetic time since the heart right.


Neat and clean neat body color, stand collar rate, glossy composite fabric thick and crisp texture, smooth and gorgeous retro, was thin, the atmosphere alone.


The fabric is made of wool blended intertwined, breathable, soft and comfortable touch, round neck short sleeve sweater, delicate texture, geometric patterns and elegant fashion collar.


The fabric is made of wool blended intertwined, good breathability, soft and comfortable touch, long-sleeved round neck knit sweater, delicate texture, fit self-cultivation, sleeves exquisite European root patch rust rust, unique elegance. Crash strong color folk style big, jacquard cloth tension and strong sense of color. Quite strong fabric texture sense of quality. A pendulum design was thin. Striped with colored rubber band waistband exercise mix and match.

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