May 25, 2019

Advantages of counterfeit goods

Advantages of counterfeit goods The counterfeits mentioned here refer to those single products that mimic luxury brands. The Chanel brand has a group of inspectors who can identify the authenticity of the goods by checking the goods number and the unique sewing methods. The UGG brand in Australia was built. An internationalized identification network hires professional lawyers to deal specifically with counterfeit goods. The Christian Louboutin brand also often complains to companies that use branded red-soled shoes for their trademark rights, but do they really need to worry about counterfeit goods?

Ledbury Research’s latest survey shows that there are still positive aspects of counterfeit goods. The survey results revealed that 2 out of every 5 customers started from buying counterfeit goods, and then slowly developed to purchase genuine products. The counterfeit goods seem to provide these customers with a bridge to know authentic products. The number of customers who often buy counterfeit goods to buy authentic goods is also quite a few, even more than the purchase of those who only buy genuine products.

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