July 17, 2019

2012 Lianuu A / E spring and summer fashion trends released

Has always insisted on the transmission of healthy and stylish lifestyle, highlighting the unique taste of consumers temperament, close to international trends, to meet the desire of AE women's fashion, AE as a well-known Chinese apparel brand 's important mission. This special conference, even slave AE founder and chief designer REX KING LIN presents its elaborate AE 2012 spring and summer works, tells the story of AE woman and REX KING LIN transformation of the thinking of AE transformation.


In the rush of high-rise buildings, some people hurry to speed up the pace of walking, fast-paced life, AE woman is busy living in the city. The theme of "adaptation" of this spring and summer 2012 fashion trends conference, is about in this city, A / E woman looking for a free and quiet life story. Strong passionate saturated colors, warm and earthy colors, but also add elegant Metallurgical metal color, to give A / E woman is not the same as the feel of the spring and summer enjoyment, with a simple outline, exquisite detail rendering A / E A new woman's lovely atmosphere. 2012 spring and summer is a dynamic, full of changing seasons, a casual style free and casual, calm and sophisticated, conservative and sexy. Elegant rules evolved into a new temptation of the contemporary, filled with a rich atmosphere of the holiday. Cut loose and skirt, as well as lightweight materials fabrics, eclectic atmosphere, not only to show the A / E brand has always been "professional, lovely, casual" style, it also allows a woman from AE and the daily rhythm Dress liberated from the shackles.


AE 2012 spring and summer series is divided into a total of: retro wear, exquisite sportswear, cruising hunting Yan, naval style, work attitude, elegant rural areas, layered expression of the seasonal change from spring to summer and the inner feelings And change. When spring came, the urban atmosphere of January once again blowing neat lines, clean tailored jacket, bright colors tell AE women in the workplace has a different from the gentle strong; February's city began to diffuse With a warm atmosphere, put aside the shackles of work clothes, liberate their bodies, simple profile, rustic atmosphere of the textile, sports but without losing the elegant details of the fine sportswear allows high-speed work in the AE woman to enjoy a Different working mood; getting warmer in March, ergonomics and holiday rigorous combination of style, elegant and yet casual, showing a new sexy AE woman side; early summer in April, the breeze of the breeze Blown away the hair of an AE woman, she looks forward, leisurely enjoy the moment, cut and loose curves, kaleidoscope of prints, giving AE women a mix of navy and cocktails; May, AE woman looking for work and life The balance between the simple and flexible, Western and simple shape is more conducive to adapt to the busy work, but also to meet the post-work life relax This is the AE woman's own work attitude; June summer, AE women choose freedom, back to nature, the outline of the leisure cut, loose design, soft color reinterpretation of the elegant village, the summer wind, step Into the arms of the village.


Shaping a different temperament, to convey a different style is not even the original intention of slave slave AE creation, this season Liansu A / E brand 2012 spring and summer new products, so that AE woman with a new style to meet a delicate fashion feast it.

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